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Raised garden beds that will add style and practicality to your growing experience.

3rd Perspective

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New product!

 a build-at-home kit!

The kit comes with;

  • 4 corrugated galvanized steel panels 

  • 4 corner aluminum brackets

  • 2 aluminum middle brackets (for the 8' panels only)

  • 4 pieces of cedar to build the topper and all the hardware required

    Instruction video on how to build to come.

*minimum tools needed for assembly, not included.*.

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Now available for purchase.

There will be 20 more kits available in the four standard sizes of 20" in height.
(we request that with the 50 kits purchased, you let us know how the build went, all the feedback is greatly appreciated as we launch the build-at-home kit) 


Colours of corrugated steel 


The colours are NOT stocked. 



*Minim of 3 raised garden beds are to be ordered in the colours.*


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Garden landscape 

  • Garden design & landscaping

  • Deck and patio development



  • TIG, Stick, and repairs are some of the welding services 


Custom furniture 

  • Custom furniture designs to fit your home

What Our Clients Say

"I have purchased these on two separate occasions and use them year after year. They are sturdy, beautiful and fully functional. The height saves my back and allows me to enjoy my plants and flowers even more! We will definitely be back for more!"

Jade Gronemeyer

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