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About Us

8 years ago my wife Tiffany and I moved to our acreage in Strathcona County. This is where our passion for gardening started. We spent the first two years sowing directly in the soil which became hard on our bodies and felt like we could never keep up with all the weeds. Tiffany insisted we needed raised garden beds so there it was my next project and how 3rd Perspective Design’s raised garden bed started. 

matt and tiffany working in their garden.jpg

Meet the Team

Matt Whitney

Hi there Matt here,

I have been fascinated with building things by hand from a very young age. My creativity and passion for design began in high school shop class. I am a Journeyman B pressure Welder so naturally that eventually lead me into the custom multi-medium fabrication- integrating wood and metal into creative pieces. The underlying theme of my work is pursuing ideas and creativity regardless of the medium. I often find myself shuffling between metal and woodworking fabrication, landscaping, gardening and making tasty meals on my smoker. I have done custom work for BMW, a mudroom renovation for Summerside Dental, smoker shack enclosures, raised garden beds and many other custom projects depending on the clients needs. 

If you have seen something on Instagram or Pinterest that you love but can’t find in stores? Send me your photos or drawings, we can make it!

3pd design dog vader_edited.jpg

Vader Whitney

Tiffany Whitney

Hello, I am Tiffany! 

Both grandparents were farmers but unfortunately for myself they sold the farms before I was an age to remember and enjoy the experience with them! I do however, remember Grandmas pickled carrots and the many other pickled goodies! My passion for gardening and making my own pickled goodies started to grow fonder once Matt and I started our very first garden 8 years ago, not knowing much.  There is something profound about getting your hands in the soil and watching the plants grow!

Our mission is to inspire change into a greener future! We will continue to share our experience and journey to living a more sustainable lifestyle with all of you!

matt and tiffany 3pd_edited.jpg

Hello I am Vader, 3rd perspective's Guard dog. 


We have hundreds of trees on the property so my main focus is keeping the squirrels away. Gardening isn't my thing but I do enjoy being outside and with my humans. 


When you come by to pick up your raised garden beds or come by to see our garden, I will be there to greet you!

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