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Companies we love

Below you will find links to companies we personally use and trust for seeds, supplies, greenhouses, landscaping, coaching and health services.

3rd Perspective Design is a brand ambassador for

Annelida's Premium worm castings/premium products.

Offers Heirloom Veggie seeds & transplants, herbs, garlic, sunflower & lavender bunches, succulents & local artisan works through a country store & markets

Founded in 1986, Prairie Garden Seeds is a small, family-operated seed company based in Saskatchewan, Canada, operated by daughter-father team, Rachelle Ternier and Jim Ternier. 

A huge assortment of trees, shrubs, and berry seedlings at prices garden centers, tree farms, and plant nurseries just can't match.

West Coast Seeds is committed to supplying our customers with non-GMO, high-quality, untreated seeds. 

A backyard greenhouse handcrafted with quality materials for durability.

Nature’s Elements works with you to create landscapes that grow beauty, food, and habitat,
guided by sustainable practices and ecological design.

Gardening help, tips and coaching. Take a deep dive into gardening with help from gardening expert Sharon.

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